Residential Structure Fire
By Ex-Chief Fred Hess
June 2, 2024

On Sunday May 26th, 2024 at 5:10p.m. the dept was activated for a residential structure fire. Chief 30 and all his assistants responded with minutes of the activation. Chief 32 arrived first and confirmed a working fire that appeared in the basement. While conducting his size up police officers from SCPD made quick entry and got the families dogs from the residence. Chief 30 arrived and assumed command and assigned chief 31 as the operations officer, chief 33 assumed the fire sector supervisor overseeing the companies operating on the interior and chief 32 on exterior. 1st due engine 15 arrived secured a water supply and entered the basement to extinguish the fire. Tower Ladder 14 arrived and conducted searches and checked for any fire extension assisted by members from rescue 4. Engine 7 arrived as 2nd due engine and assisted E-15. Engine 3 arrived 3rd due engine and covered any areas not handled by E-15 &7. Fire police units 11 and 13 secured the area and ambulance 8& 16 stood by for any injuries and rehab of members. Mutual aid was supplied by the Sound Beach FD E-1 and Ridge FD E-3.Wading River FD E-6 stood by covering the dist.the fire is under investigation by Town of Brookhaven Fire Marshall and no injuries were reported.